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Project Eye Consultants Inc. was started in early 2004 by Gus Papadakis. His vision was to build a company that was based on mutual trust and extraordinary customer service.

His entrepreneurial endeavors started back in college when faced with the need for money to continue his education.  With his keen insight and his desire to help others while helping himself, he started the first firewood home delivery service, from his dorm room at Syracuse University.  Soon orders were coming faster than he could imagine until the fateful day his order was larger than he could handle.  Determined as ever not to disappoint a customer he carefully loaded his car with enough firewood to create a fire that could be seen from space, he proceeded on his way.  Being mid winter and as all winter days in Syracuse snowing sheets of snow, he made the slow and dangerous journey, only to slide on ice and run into an embankment.  After crawling from under the mountain of firewood and dislodging the car he completed his journey.  But the story doesn’t end there, he made it to his destination only to find out that the customer had made an error in quantity.

This short story of our founder serves as a representation of the tenacity, eagerness and sticktoitiveness (yes that’s a word). That our founder brings to his current work and has made part of the Project Eye Culture. 

We at Project Eye Inc. don’t consider ourselves simply builders and managers, because we love what we do, we consider ourselves deliverers of the firewood that will keep our customers warm, especially after we over deliver and build a project that exceeds our clients expectations.

Today Project Eye works on many different project types, from General Contracting, Retail/ Commercial, Residential and Affordable Housing.  We are construction Managers and Builders and we believe that construction should not be as difficult and costly as our industry sometimes makes it out to be.


The People Behind the Mission

Gus Papadakis

Started Project Eye in 2004, after almost 20 years in construction, so that he could bring his own brand of project delivery to the industry.

Coming From a family of builders, who’s Great Grandfather, in 1910 worked in the Utah Mines, Grandfather worked as the General Superintendent at Souda Bay Crete , Americas largest Naval base in the Mediterranean and Father George Papadakis working on skyscrapers as union Carpenter and business owner in New York, Gus Papadakis has taken their Ambition, Integrity, Honesty and Commitment to become a reputable,efficient and dominant General Contractor in NYC.

As the Founder of PEC he is involved in every project built by the company and directs the company’s strategy in undertaking construction projects in both the public and private sectors.

Its his belief that every client is a partner that sets PEC apart from the rest. He provides the leadership that allows PEC’s team of professionals to deliver on wide range of projects from affordable housing to retail construction.

Mr. Papadakis earned a bachelor of science degree in business from Syracuse University and possesses strong business acumen that allows PEC to better understand its clients business needs. This business background has also helped PEC leverage capital resources for the company’s consistent growth.

Mr. Papadakis is an expert in the field which translates into better managed and better built projects.

Gil Rosa

Gil Rosa’s management leadership is a direct result of his family background, technical training, and real world education, with over two decades of experience in Architecture and Construction along with twenty years in the pursuit of techniques and strategies on self improvement and business management, he has an understanding of the professional process that allows for better project outcomes.

His experience in construction comes from a family of builders and craftsmen who instilled in the pride of working with his hands. Working alongside his early mentors, he obtained hands on knowledge of almost every trade in the industry.

Working with many New York City firms, He applied his knowledge first as a draftsman, later as a respected designer and project manager.
This journey led him to become the Director of Housing Development NYC affiliate of Habitat for Humanity.

His love for affordable housing continued and led him to be Senior Project Manager for Abyssinian Development Corporation, (Harlem’s largest nonprofit real estate developer) and is now the Senior Project Executive with Project Eye.

Gil’s additional expertise in business relocation logistics, graphic, furniture, and interior design bolster this complete package we offer our clients.

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